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AIR specialises in innovative workouts that are fun and results driven. We provide high & medium intensity classes for all fitness levels. AIR outdoor classes will push you to sculpt, tone and transform your body while enjoying the benefits of being in fresh air. Our handpicked trainers can also provide personal & online sessions at your convenience.

AIR Workouts

Science backed workouts are designed to unify muscle groups of the body to burn fat, improve strength and build muscle. Team behind AIR workouts is a group of leading training professionals dedicated to creating workouts that are enjoyable & results oriented. AIR runs women only & mix fitness classes.

High intensity workouts combine short bursts of intense exercise featuring heart-rate raising moves such as jump squats, burpees, commandos, planks, mountain climbers and tuck jumps - get ready to sweat in no time.
Burn Up to 1000 Calories
Improve Strength
Build Lean Muscle
Run & Fun
Medium intensity workouts are perfect for any level of fitness and combine running and exercise, steady-state cardio and interval-based cardio to help build cardio endurance and stamina.
Burn Up to 500 Calories
Build Cardiovascular Endurance
Improve Coordination

For Who

Our workouts are intense but suitable for all levels as you can adopt the exercises, speed and intensity to your own level. The aim of the workout is to challenge your body, have fun and achieve the best results in the quickest time.

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£15Single AIR Workout
£1210 AIR Workouts
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When purchasing a package you will be provided with your personal booking code that you can use to book the workouts through our website.


Hyde Park

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Jasmine M
  • Loved the HIIT workout with Jonathan last weekend! Perfect way to kick start my weekend in the sunshine!
  • See you later!!
Tom D
  • Great group, good mix of people and friendly instructors. Will definitely be back.
  • Thanks, Tom!
Sara C
  • Went to the AIR HIIT class in Hyde Park and was really impressed. Samantha led the class and she was great, kept the class pumped up and and took the time to help each of us when we needed it.
  • Yeeah (Samantha)
Claire H
  • Did Sandra’s class last Saturday and loved it! Got my sweat on!
  • Yep, thanks.
Hannah J
  • Good quality HIIT class. Jonathan was teaching and I thought he did a good job. Encouraged us when we needed it.
  • Wait for you.
Sophie T
  • Got a good sweat on at the AIR class last weekend. Was my first one, but I’ll definitely be back!
  • Thanks!!
Greg W
  • Wow! What a workout! Loved it.
  • We too, Greg!


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